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What are people saying about our products.

Ann says
"Dear Bekki, The package arrived today, well actually Friday afternoon, couldn't get to the P.O. so I had them leave it for Monday delivery. What a pick-me-up after working on a dreary, windy Monday. :)
I can't tell you how pleased I am with the quality of workmanship that went into the "stone" and engraved nameplate I recently ordered. The gold lettering on the black stone is stunning! My son will certainly be surprised and pleased with his very own engraved nameplate. It will look so professional on his desk when he graduates from VT. :)
Thank you for the prompt service and you can be assured, I will tell my friends of your website!"

Carl Fox, Director of Sales, Lymeware Corporation
"2rocku delivered beautiful polished rocks with our custom message with very professional results, and we had the rocks in our office (on the east coast) in 4 days! Who could ask for more. Lymeware will definitely use 2rocku again in the future."

~ Krys ~ says
Becky says Bekki- I gave my husband a "Now it's written stone" rock a few months ago. It's the most perfect gift I could ever give. He's kept it on his nightstand since opening the package. Every once in a while I catch him holding it and just gazing at it. Thankyou!! It means the world to me.

~ Krys ~ says Hi Bekki.... Just wanted to let you know that the rock I ordered, has made it to its final destination. My friend recieved it today, just now actually. He opened it while we were chatting( voice ) online. Wow.... I wish you could have heard him!! I cant thank you enough for ALL the help and patience you have given me. Keep up the great work... your products are great... and Im sure that this will not be the last time you hear from me !!!

Michelle A from Washington, DC said: "My I love you rock is the most romantic gift my husband has ever given me.

Susan R. from Sacramento, CA said: "My boyfriend gave me an I love you rock for my birthday.  When things at work starts to get hard on me I reach up and trace the word "I Love You" and it actually seems to give me more strength to make it through another day."

Bob G. from Grand Junction, CO said: "When I gave my wife her I love you stone she cried.  It was ten minutes before I understood they were tears of joy.  Thank you very much." 

Tayna A. from Victoria BC said:  "I LOVED my rock! Well my guy did! He keeps it on his desk, and says when he needs to be close to me, all he does is reach out and give it a little rub."

Marsha C. from Yakima, WA said: "I just thought it would be a treat for my sweetie, and it certainly was! I think men just plain relate to rocks!"

Tony P. from Sioux City, IA  said: "I bought the rock on a lark, thinking my girlfriend it would just be a cute something, but she took it as something serious. We set the date right after I gave it too her, and I'm a happy man."

Larry W. from Detroit, MI said: "I need to order ten more two-sided "Smiley Face" mugs.  The people at my office loved mine so much everyone wanted me to order one for them!"

Rose R. from Chicago, IL said: "Thank you for the prompt service."

Wayne and Linda F. from Kennewick, WA "Our first anniversary champagne flutes are beautiful.

Denise from Texas Oh my!!! I cannot tell you how elated I am with my rock. It is absolutely perfect, just as I had pictured in my mind. Thank you so much for everything. YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks again for the thorough and speedy service. I will definitely be telling everyone about you. By the way, I checked out your other stuff. You are a riot. Cracked me up.

There you have it!  People just love all the products from 2RockU.com!

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