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How to order if you don't have a credit card 
or would just rather not use one online.

Would you like to order but you don't have a credit card or would you just rather not use one?  You can still place an order.  But first you should E-Mail us (just click on the Contact Us button to the left) and I will send you all the information .  Just let us know what you would like to order and where you'd like it sent.  

The question I get most often is how much is shipping.  The answer to that is that shipping starts at  $6.50.  We can ship two rocks for the price of one.  We'll also ship a coffee mug for $9.50 but only to the US and Canada.  Mugs are much to heavy to ship overseas for the $9.50.  If you'd like a mug shipped overseas we can surely do that for you but it will cost you a bit more for the mug.  I believe the one I did ship cost about $9.00.  Contact us for a special page for the ordering of mugs for shipment overseas.

The methods of payment that we can accept besides Corporate checkes are Pay Pal or a money order sent directly to us at 

R. Wirthwein
1706 W. 45th Place
Kennewick, WA 99337

YOU MUST E-Mail us first so that we may work out the details of your order before you send your money order.

We are sorry but at this time we are unable to accept credit cards over the phone.
You can if you like call me at: 1-509-585-6769. Don't be suprised if I just answer the phone with a "hello" as this is my home phone number.

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