2RockU.com ROCKS when it comes to rocks, mugs, stemware and corporate awards!!
This is a VERY special SPECIAL!!!
A very special Special...
"I Love You"
"Now it's written in stone!"
(Plus a small shipping charge.)

Include their first name for $5 more!
Take a look at an example Here!
Name on Rock
Power words on power rocks! these stones are good for your mom and/or dad. We've been told that they have been given on a special occasion or given so that they can be buried with them or left at their headstone. Send that special someone an owl! Harry Potter fans will love it!.
Power word stones
(Smallish-Medium $5.50)
Select Word Here
Mom or Dad stones
(Medium $15)
Pick Your Parent
Send em an Owl stone
(Medium $10 Special offer! )
Include their first name for $5 more!
The Name You Want Added
(small $10)
Don't Worry
(Medium $15)
I Love You
(Medium $15)
No Problem
(Medium $15)
Stolen From
(your name) Desk!
custom rock

(Medium $20)
The Name You Want Added 10 cha
You Rock
(Medium $15)
(Your name can be added  )
You Rock with a name
(Medium $20)
Your Name
(Small $10)
Smiley Face
Two sided stone
(Medium $22)
Girls Rock!
(Medium $15 VERY POPULAR!)
We can also put Kanji onto rock.  See the available Kanji HERE! Custom carved stones with your design or up to 22 characters (with spaces) on a medium rock
(Small $10)
Kanji Rocks
(Medium $15)
Choose Your Kanji
(Medium Custom Rock $20)
Up to 40 Char

Some examples of
our custom stuff.

(Click on an image to see it in more detail.)

Now you can actually say your love is carved in stone.  You can choose one of the many stock items or we can custom carve a river rock that was hand plucked from the Columbia River just for you.

Carved river rocks are suitable for paper weights, showing your love or support or just a way to express your opinion.  

Unless otherwise noted Carved River Rocks come in the following sizes:
Small 1 - 2in                        $10
Medium 2 - 4in                    $15
Large 4 - 5in
Extra Large 5 - 6in
             $35 - $40
Greater than 6in please write us for a price quote.
Custom rocks are a bit higher in price than stock rocks.

Rocks will vary in color and shape.  

Images are smaller than the actual size.  Please click on the picture to see a more detailed image.  

Unless otherwise noted rocks are a minimum of 1 inch long (wide).

Polished river rocks will be available very soon.

Custom carving of rocks is available.  The cost is dependent on the detail and size of the rock required.  

Quantity discounts are available.  Please contact our sales professional.  

Custom artwork must be camera ready.

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